More About Us

We are a small congregation which reflects the nature of London today – people who have lived in the area for many years and incomers from other parts of the United Kingdom and from other countries. 

In our worship services we pray, sing contemporary worship songs and traditional hymns, listen to Bible readings and sermons which help God’s Word come alive for us today, and spend time in quiet reflection.  Our services are led by members of our congregation and ministers and worship leaders from other churches.

We believe that Jesus Christ offers something fresh for every generation.  His way is based on love and justice and is full of hope for a better world. 

If you are able to join us you will be welcomed and find people who are ready to listen and to care.

You may be refreshed, you may be challenged.  You may sense the Holy Spirit and learn how Jesus has shown us what God is like and how God is working in the world in many and unexpected ways OR calls us to follow Jesus in working for God’s Kingdom.

We believe the Gospel is good news for our times and the ultimate hope for all our lives.  We work together and pray that this may become real in our own lives and in the lives of others. The church collects for Food Bank, supports Christian Aid through the United Reformed Church’s Commitment for Life scheme and houses and supports the Claremont Project on White Lion Street as part of its mission.