Are you ready for Christmas? I was asking about more than your activities. I was asking about your attitudes in your heart. Have you prepared to welcome Jesus into your hearts? Today, as I ask you this question, around 2000 years ago, there was somebody in camel skin, eating wild honey and locusts, who asked the same question. He was a great and famous messenger who was preparing the way of the Lord. His name was John the Baptist, and he lived in the mountainous area of Judea (Matthew 3:4) just like the prophet Elijah. He had a message for us to prepare ourselves.

Friends, this season, how will we prepare ourselves for Christmas? Let me shed some light on how we can prepare ourselves.

We need to remember 3 R’s:

1.    Reflect: Meditate on the word of God (James 1:24 says that it acts like a mirror)

2.    Repent: John preached mostly on repentance-Greek- metanoeo– To change one’s mind

John Howard Yoder quoted To repent is not to feel bad but to think differently”and therefore to act differently. Repentance involves turning around—to a new direction, a change of heart and a new commitment. Leaving back things behind especially the things that happened in your past.

3.    Renew: We need to renew ourselves before God-make ourselves new before God-not just our clothes or shoes but our hearts and our spirits. 

And this is how we should celebrate Christmas this season. Thank You.

Have a blessed Christmas.